Dgk Fall 2023 - Classics Collection

Guadalupe HoodyGuadalupe Hoody
Small DGK Logo on the chest above 5 starsAll Star Mini Logo Hoody
Lo-Side HoodyLo-Side Hoody
Koi HoodyKoi Hoody
All Star HoodyDGK All Star Fleece Sweatshirt Athletic Heather Large DGK Logo with 5 stars below it-Small Logo on the hood
All Star Long Sleeve T-ShirtAll Star Long Sleeve T-Shirt
All Star Mini Logo Long Sleeve T-ShirtAll Star Mini Logo Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Guadalupe T-ShirtGuadalupe T-Shirt
Lo-Side T-ShirtLo-Side T-Shirt
Back to Back T-ShirtBack to Back T-Shirt
Coolin' T-ShirtCoolin' T-Shirt
All Star T-ShirtDGK All Star T-Shirt Black
Koi T-ShirtKoi T-Shirt
Vivo T-ShirtVivo T-Shirt
All Star Mini T-Shirt-DGK logo on the chest with 5 stars under it-White
DGK O.G.S Camo Cargo PantsDGK O.G.S Camo Cargo Pants

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