DGK‘s newest video showcasing the squad that has been Saved by Skateboarding.
All of the DGK team is featured in this video, as well as a whole mix of new faces to the DGK squad. The perfect video to spark up 2017.

John Shanahan Mean Streets

DGK x Purple Wax

DGK Saved

DGK All Night

DGK x Homebase

DGK 2015

DGK at Slappys

DGK at Frsh Konnexion

DGK at Prodigy

DGK x Dime

DGK Nike Garage

DGK x LB Skate

Dane Vaughn 'Laugh now cry later'

DGK Vans Skatepark


DGK Push it

DGK Chain Gang Commercial

Palace 2 Pulaski

DGK x Premiere

DGK Summer Line out now

DGK Kalis Iconic

Gold Goons Out Now

DGK John Shanahan

DGK Blood Money

Brainstorm Eric Bailey


Farm League Humidity

Parental Advisory East Coast

Parental Advisory West Coast

Parental Advisory International

DGK Self Made Part 1

DGK Self Made Part 2

DGK Banned in the USA

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