Spring 2020 Hardgoods

DGK Benjamins Bearings- 100 dollar bill packaging with red dgk sticker and 8 bearings
Benjamins Bearings
Regular price $18
    Pink Roses Connected by Gold Chain
    Blossom GripTape
    Regular price $13
      Gooms Grip Tape- Green and Pink Mushrooms of various sizes
      Gooms GripTape
      Regular price $13
        Rosary Grip Tape- All Over Print Skeleton Praying hands with a cross chain and a rose
        Rosary GripTape
        Regular price $13
          DGK Grand GripTape- Roses and Masks connected by a gold chain
          Grand GripTape
          Regular price $13
            Nightmare GripTape
            Nightmare GripTape
            Regular price $13
              DGK Street Formula Wheels 51mmStreet Formula Wheels 51mm
              Street Formula Wheels 51mm
              Regular price $26

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